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Talc Filler / Transparent Filler Masterbatch

Transparent Filler Masterbatch is a high quality filler masterbatches made of inorganic /organic transparent powder and other special additives based in a Polyolefine ( PP, PE ) carrier.

The transparent filler masterbatch can enhance stiffness and transparency, tensile strength, heat distortion temperature and rigidity, then improve the properties of finished products. It is mainly used in PP and PE plastic extrusion, injection, film blowing package material and medicine container. we are leading manufacturer of transparent filler masterbatch and also Supplier of transparent filler masterbatch.

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Transparent Masterbatch Application

Injection moulding
Profile extrusion
Raffia Tapes and raffia Lamination
Plastic Furniture

Barium Sulfate(BaSO4) Masterbatch

Barium sulfate masterbatch is a kind of high concentration masterbatch produced with super fine coated barium sulfate powder as filler, polyolefin as carrier and other additives through full dispersion and processing. It is suitable for PE, PP, PS and ABS plastic products.

Used in TiO2 and pigment plastic product, it will reduce the quantity of pigment and save around 10% cost. 25% barium sulfate masterbatch used in PP product, it can increase surface bright and hardness, improve Acid and Alkali resistance and increase product weight and touch feeling.

Application of Baso4 masterbatch


Characteristics of Transparent Filler masterbatch

Compare to normal filler MB, transparent filler MB is with below superiority:


  • Better dispersing quality to keep the plastic products appearance more smoother, then keep plastic products surface in good printing quality.
  • Better heating seal property and some anti-adhesive property.
  • Shorten figuration period
  • Improve flexural modulus fastness and elongation fastness
  • enhance the distortion temperature
  • Enhance the transparent quality of Polyolefine
  • Very white and shine in appearance.
  • Recommended for transparent LDPE film & transparent HDPE film.
  • Have function of Optical Brightener.
  • Plastic barium sulfate masterbatch named as barium sulfate additive,barium sulphate compound,plastic BaSO4 extender,BaSO4 composite,BaSO4-filled optical brightener.

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Transparent Masterbatch


Talc masterbatch is made with super fine talcum powder and other high quality special additives based in versatile polymer resin carrier by advanced twin-screw extruder machine. Talcum masterbatch is very popular in the development of plastic products industry because of high stable quality and excellent dispersion. Application Examples Tapes, Fibres, Geotextiles, Films, Extrusions and Injection Mouldings.

Main Applications

  •    Apply to drain pipe, sound box, sounder, can effectively to insulate noise and Cacophony
  •    Apply to curtain, can increase weight, apply to the shell of Home appliance, can improve luster
  •    Apply to PE, PP and PS plastic products.


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